About Me

My name is Adam Razak and I am self-taught photographer.

I have fallen in love with photography since I borrowed my mom's camera for my assignments. It was really fun to have a camera everywhere, every day, and every step that I walked. Snapping photos of places that I've went to and the people I met along the way.

It wasn't until two years ago that I started to dive deep in the photography world. It all started at college, I was summoned by my lecturer. She requested me to capture her client's wedding moments. From there I realized taking pictures is an art itself. With every click of the camera, a memorable moment is kept. A slight change in the lighting and setting can alter the mood. My love for photography has propagated in ways you cannot imagine.

With my new found extra-love, I knew I have to increase my expertise. I enrolled myself in photography classes, I also collected photography books in order to improve and capture all the great moments I can’t afford to forget.

I’m proud to say, my greatest talent is my ability to communicate with nearly everyone. Making friends is my hobby. And I believe having a positive attitude can bring me miles ahead especially when meeting new people.

A picture can say a thousand words. Whatever those thousand words are, be it happy or sad, anger or resentment, it’s always nice to have it kept in a form that will help you not to forget. Pictures can help rekindle a dull moment in our life; pictures can make us realize how grateful we should be with the life God has bestowed on us.

I’m a happy photographer, doing what I love to do and sharing happiness around with a click of my camera. Kids love the lenses, ladies too, men are a bit sceptical but we can’t deny that everyone wants to be remembered. With pictures, all of us can.

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